Avatar of Fire build


I need a decent Avatar of Fire build for my new Templar.
Anyone ever tried a build and succeeded here?
Share please.

asked March 4, 2014

1 Answer


A search of the official forums does dig up a few AoF builds, some of which seem to be decent. I personally don’t have experience with it though so can’t say for sure. Normally I’d try to give you some advice and recommendations, but with the passive skill tree changes coming in less than 24 hours with Sacrifice of the Vaal it might be pointless.

It would be best for you to wait a couple of days to see how the skill tree looks and see if you can find an updated guide then. Marauder starting area is getting plenty of changes, and from what we know at this point it will affect templars as well (most AoF builds go with templar class I believe).

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