Back from a long break


It has been 3 months snice i last played poe, i remember this website helped me a lot when i was playing;; could you please give me a run down of what happened in the last 3 months?

asked March 12, 2014

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- some new skills: Summon Raging Spirit, Desecrate, Flesh Offering, Bone Offering.
- summoners are very popular now (and according to some, very OP).
- Searing Bond completely melts everything, despite a small nerf.
- new note-worthy uniques (I might have missed some): Bino’s Kitchen Knife, Atziri’s Disfavour, The Vertex, Atziri’s Acuity, Atziri’s Step, Solaris Lorica (mini Shavronne’s),
- Bringer of Rain and Aegis Aurora got nerfed and have legacy versions now. Also, Saffell’s, Romira’s, Maligaro, Rainbowstride.
- item quantity has been removed on rare items. Item Quantity gem is legacy now, if you have some you can sell for a few exalted even

For Sacrifice of the Vaal I’d suggest you simply go over the patch notes yourself, quite a few changes worth reading. Also, SotV info. Basic stuff:
- new leagues are Invasion and Ambush
- Ambush has amazing strongboxes which will get nerfed hard pretty soon
- All in-game areas except maps now have “corrupted” versions, you can find them randomly
- Unset ring added, contains a socket slot as implicit mod
- Vaal Orb added, changes random stuff on items: removes links, adds prismatic socket colors, adds new implicit mods to uniques. You can’t use ANY other currency after you corrupt an item.
- shrines and nemesis mods added to legacy leagues
- small Spell Totem and Spectral Throw nerfs
- Marauder starting area reworked and a lot better now
- elemental damage passives have been buffed slightly
- most life nodes nerfed slightly
- Vaal versions of gems added. Sort of like ultimate versions of normal spells that take time to charge.

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