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There is already a decent guide you made on Orb of Chance, but since you have made it in august, quite a few things chanced since then.

For example there is this information surfaced about minimum required itemlevel to be able to chance a unique.

This will definitely hold me back from chancing spine bows dropping on lvl72 maps for example as I have planned. Also there is an edit on that forum post about some items (like kaom’s heart) made available as non map drops. This must have affected it’s required itemlevel, but how?

Also in the comments, someone mentioned that rings that can be decent as rares would be a better idea to chance. What are the best rings and amulets to chance? What unique rings/amulets are the most valuable?

I think this would be very good to know as using orb of chances have myths around them like “lol my friend chanced kaom’s heart in 5 tries” which is either true or not, some of them are even impossible, so a big amount of harmful misinformation is already making a lot of confusion.

asked December 12, 2013

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Some of the relatively cheaper uniques you can also chance are: Onxy Amulets for Astramentis/Eye of Chayula/Carnage Heart, Nightmare Bascinet for Bringer of Rain, Amethyst Ring for Ming’s Heart, Sapphire Ring for Dream Fragments, Gold Ring for Andvarius, Murder Mitts for Thunderfist, Karui Maul for Marohi Erqi, Champion Kite Shield for Aegis Aurora.

Most of these are not as expensive but there’s likely a higher chance to chance them so it might be worth it, especially if your build needs one of these uniques.


The wording on the 1.0.0g patch notes have very powerful implications:

> The Orb of Chance can now generate Uniques that are higher than the itemlevel of the base type you’re trying to roll.

This is what I have been looking for.

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