I need help with my build


So I am attempting to go righteous fire but i do not know what skills I should be using in the early game. If you have any Ideas as to what the heck I should be doing please do tell

asked January 2, 2014

1 Answer


I think Ethereal Knives can work for leveling until you’re ready to use Righteous Fire (probably 70+). Or perhaps getting The Searing Touch unique staff and try using Fireball, or with Stormcall. Using 2-handed weapon with Spectral Throw (or some melee ability) might also work, as should Facebreakers.

Either way chances are you will have to respec some points eventually. Try to use whatever ability will work well and require you to spend as little respec points as possible later on.

I’m afraid that may be the limit of my help since I never really even tried leveling any similar builds.

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