Looking for a really strong Cyclone guide/build


Hello everyone, I’ve been rolling around with my 71 trapper, but I feel so bored when playing it, I wasn’t sure i’d like to to begin with when starting it but gave it a chance, but when doing maps I get so extremely bored of running around fleeing from fights throwing traps around, I’m more the kind of guy that wants to survive the fight by fighting it.

I’m really interested in playing a melee character with a fun build, I’m currently very poor on currency so cant afford much gear.

Been searching the forums, but it’s really hard for me to find proper builds, having trouble reading through long guides and it’s hard to know If they can work as a budget version to of the build because most of the guides and builds out there is just players showing off their insane characters.

Do you know any decent melee build or Cyclone build, I’ve seen somebody run Cyclone with discharge stuff going on just destroying everything in his path, but don’t know if this is still a viable build after several of patches and nerfs nor do I know any decent guide for it….

Anyway you know abit of me and what I like now, hopefully somebody could help me out, I know alot of people might think omg go to these sites etc, but its really hard to me to read through texts and stuff due to IRL issues and I’d prefer if you could direct me to a awesome build/guide that I can run with and enjoy POE with!

Thanks for all the responses

Kind regards

asked December 6, 2013

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There are variations to Cyclone builds. A common choice is Facebreaker/Bringer of Rain build of which there are probably countless guides. But generally many players run stuff they prefer themselves and optimized for their own gear, and that’s exactly what you should do as well.

1H with Soul Taker and shield
2H build
CI Cyclone build with Claws
1h Scion/Marauder variant with health/shield block

It’s just to get you started. I think you should even be able to use the exact same build as my Shredder for Cyclone and do well with it. I can use Cyclone just fine with that build, but I simply can’t stand the constant desync, plus I don’t really like the play style of it.

I know it’s not what you wanted but I can’t really direct you to one single best Cyclone build since there are plenty of different ones. You need to decide whether you want 2H, 1H + Shield, Dual Wield, life based or CI, Soul Taker, Facebreakers or some other weapon(s)… As for the budget, even Bringer of Rain is pretty expensive now (around 15ex on Standard), and it’s typically the bread and butter of Cyclone builds.

Unfortunately your best bet really is to just search through the official forums. It can be difficult to sift through tons of garbage there and finding a build is rarely easy, but it is possible. If that fails you can try my Shredder with Cyclone and see if that works out for you.

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