Lvl 25 Templar build what gems needed for aoe attacks?


I have a lvl 25 Templar, he is partway through act 2. I plan to kill all the bandit lords.
I use a sceptre with heavy strike and infernal blow, I can one shot most lvl 20 monsters and 3 shot some specials.

The problem is, is that I want a build that works in a group, because my build currently is a lone wolf. Plus if you could explain the joint sockets that would be helpful.

asked January 5, 2014

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Any build that works well solo will work just as well in a group. On level 25 however it’s hard to say whether you’re building the right way or not since Normal difficulty is very easy overall. By mid Cruel you should get an idea on how your damage compares to others.

Linking support gems to a particular ability (in your case Heavy Strike or Infernal Blow) further augments and improves it, depending on which gem you’re using of course. For example you could add Faster Attacks to improve your attack speed on HS/IB. In order for gems to affect one another the sockets you placed them in must be linked (you can see it visually on items).

At your level you’re probably not even seeing many 4L (4-linked) items yet but they will become more common once you progress. 5L and 6L and generally more rare and expensive, but augmenting your main damaging attack with five support gems substantially increases the damage it deals. You’ll start coming across items with 5 and 6 sockets in late Cruel, but finding all 5/6 sockets linked is very rare.

In Act I in Cruel difficulty (you’ll be there very shortly if not already) you’ll get “Melee Physical Damage” support gem from several quests, I suggest you pick one up and try linking it with your Heavy Strike. Should be very easy to spot the difference in damage (if not, check tooltip DPS on your skills with and without the support gem). The differences in adding additional support gems seem minor at first but in endgame it’s one of the main ways to get more damage.

Hope that explains it a bit.

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