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I have just started playing PoE and im loving it!! i have a shadow caster at the moment (freezing puls) level 34 softcore and would like to know what sort of dps i should be putting out? i have found that my LMP isn’t providing as much assistance in my dps as added cold dmg is?, i have been following the skill tree of a cold caster which seems to be very crit based but have picked up a few life nodes on the way. having played a few mmo’s before i would also like to know if anyone uses certain rotations ie im using curse, ice nova then freezing puls which usually clears a mob in a few key strokes… any assistance in better dps and the best gems and gear would be hugely appriciated..

asked December 3, 2013

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with freezing pulse you could also add cold penetration, maybe fgaster projectiles. Penetration helps you imrpoving the damage by ingoring resistances, faster projectiles makes it travel larger area with some little damage bonus.


I’m not too familiar with Freezing Pulse builds, but I’ll give it a shot anyway.

You could try with Faster Casting, Increased Critical Strikes/Damage and Power Charge on Critical gems as well. Also do some testing to see whether Greater or Lesser Multiple Projectiles is better. I think even Added Lightning Damage can help out if you’re crit-based, since you might be able to apply Shock stacks to monsters.

Of course you won’t be able to add all those gems, so just try to level them up a little bit and switch them back and forth to see what gives you the highest DPS overall. At your level you should have a 4L item at least, but I’m not sure if you can sustain casting Freezing Pulse consistently, so Mana Leech or Life on Hit with Blood Magic might be necessary as well.

Once you’re near level 50 you might want to take a look at buying a 5L chest piece, white ones should cost about 2-4 Chaos.

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