• Vendor Recipes You Should Be Using

    Chaos vendor recipe

    Chaos vendor recipeThere are quite a few vendor recipes in Path of Exile and some are more useful than others. Most are in fact not worth using consistently but there are a few that are easy to use and produce more valuable currency. I’m not a big fan of having 10 or more stash tabs dedicated to useless rare items that I might one of these days turn into an Alchemy Orb, but some recipes are just too good to pass. Below is a basic list of vendor recipes you should be using to increase your wealth.

    1. Chromatic Orbs

    It’s possibly the easiest of recipes: you simply vendor an item (of any rarity) with 3 linked gem sockets of different colors (RGB) and you’ll get a Chromatic Orb. While it’s definitely not the fastest way to riches in PoE you will constantly find them while leveling and farming. Many players don’t even bother picking these items up so be on the lookout for them while farming in groups.

    You can sell about 200 Chromatics for an Exalted Orb, not including the fact you might even need them for your own gear. As I said not the best way to get rich but every little bit helps, and despite being cheap Chromatics are always in demand.

    2. Quality gems for Gemcutter’s Prism

    You know all those spammers who are constantly buying low-quality gems for 1 Alchemy? If you vendor multiple gems with a combined quality of 40% you’ll get back a Gemcutter’s Prism. If you do some simple math with the currency trading ratios you’ll notice that one GCP is worth about 15 Alchemy, so buying 8 gems with 5% +quality each would nearly double your investment.

    The simplest solution is to save all +quality gems in your stash until you have enough to sell for a GCP. Anything over 12% +quality can probably be sold for 2-3 GCP to players.

    3. Chaos Orbs

    There are three Chaos Orb recipes that I use almost on a daily basis. Both require you to sell a full set of rare (yellow) items: 2H Weapon (or 1H and Shield), Head, Gloves, Boots, Chest, Belt, Amulet, and two Rings. If all items have +20% quality you get back 2 Chaos Orbs, and you get 1 if you sell them without +quality. Since finding rare items with decent +quality is fairly rare I usually just use the non-quality recipe. Finding Armourer’s Scraps isn’t too difficult as well but you will burn through your stacks very quickly if you keep using them for the recipes.

    The third recipe consists of selling a full set of rare items (as mentioned above), however they all have to be un-identified. Again, you gain 2 Chaos Orbs for selling them all at once. You could also sell unindentified items all with +20% quality for 3 Chaos Orbs, but it’s usually far too difficult. It’s a bit risky to sell unidentified items but if you find yourself with plenty of items from Docks or low-level maps you might want to consider it.

    The biggest problem with these recipes for me are always Amulets. They drop sparingly which is why I typically pick up all near-max roll (18% or more) Gold or Onyx amulets and use an Alchemy Orb on them. By doing it I gain an increased chance for a decent item I can sell or use, and if it turns out to be bad I can always use it for the Chaos recipe. I sometimes do the same with Prismatic & Gold rings and Leather & Rustic belts, although I never seem to run out of those.

    Note that all items have to be iLvl 60 or higher for the recipe to work! You can check the item level by picking up an item from your inventory (don’t drop it) and typing /itemlevel into the chat window. If the zone your item dropped from has monsters of level 60, then all items dropped in it are level 60 or higher.

    4. Vendor everything else

    You get a bunch of loot in Path of Exile, that’s for sure. I hate leaving any rare items behind without at least identifying them first, but usually when I’m solo farming I don’t mind going back to town frequently to vendor all the useless rare items. I can usually get 2-4 Orbs of Alteration every map run and while it won’t solely make me rich eventually I get hundreds and sell them for a more valuable currency.

    Orbs of Alteration can also be traded to vendor for Jeweller’s Orbs which can further turn into Orbs of Fusing, so even these easily obtainable orbs have value in higher numbers.

    Don’t waste your time

    As I said at the beginning there are tons of vendor recipes but most of them are just a waste of time. If you want to maximize your farming time and income I suggest sticking with the three main recipes I mentioned above and ignore everything else. Picking up random +quality items or flasks and selling them for Armorer’s Scraps / Blacksmith’s Whetstones / Glassblower’s Baubles is basically a waste of inventory space and time. They are nearly worthless and if you miraculously end up needing that currency it’s extremely inexpensive to purchase.

    I even have a friend who used to pick up every single Magic (blue) item in Docks and selling them for Alteration Shards. I consider it a giant waste of time that could be better spent farming experience or rare items, not to mention the fact you will quickly run out of Wisdom Scrolls as well. Just having to back 4-5 times during every Docks run probably means you could clear it twice in the same time and get more valuable items and currency.

    Unless for some reason you find it convenient you should also skip Alchemy and Chance Orb recipes. It takes far too long to collect the necessary items and the value you get is far below the effort required: you can get nearly as much in currency value by simply selling those items for Alterations.

    If you think some other vendor recipes are worth using be sure to tell everyone about it in the comments below!

  • New Recipe Discovered: 20% Quality Gems

    Quality gem recipeNew vendor recipe has recently been discovered that many players are already taking advantage of. I’ve seen the trade chat filled all day long now with people selling 20% quality gems, typically well overpriced. Just in case you were to fall prey to hundreds of players currently trying to earn a few coins make sure to remember the recipe.

    It’s overly simple and frankly it’s surprising it wasn’t already well-known. All you have to do is trade a level 20 gem and one Gemcutter’s Prism to a vendor and you’ll get back a level 1 gem with 20% quality.

    Getting any gem to level 20 takes an enormous amount of time still but this might actually help with the situation. If you start using a gem at (your character’s) level 1 it should be level 20 around the time you hit level 85! By using the recipe you’ll be able to obtain 20% quality gems much sooner and cheaper so having all of them improved and leveled will be less of a burden for alternate characters.

    Some gems are often not even leveled all the way due to attribute requirements. Certain support gems with +20% quality also become more efficient at level 15 or so than their non-quality counterparts and getting them to that level will not take long.

    In the long run this should reduce the prices of maxed quality gems but also make level 20 gems more valuable. If you intend to sell your level 20 gems right now just be sure you know the drawbacks and understand that your abilities may have lower damage until you get the gems to a certain level. Basically, it might not be worth it.

    Remember that gems don’t suffer any experience penalties like your character, so speedfarming Docks in merciless is a pretty efficient way to level them up. Also this is one additional reason why you should always keep a few gems in your alternate weapons. Even if you don’t end up using the gems you can still sell them once they reach level 20.